Rye Whiskey, 50% alc./vol. (100 proof) 375 ml

Delaware Phoenix Rye Whiskey

Good Food Awards winner 2014

Not many spirits get into these awards, and fewer win. The Good Food Award recognizes not only quality of the product itself, but the committment of the producer to source locally, responsibly, without using GMOs.

Rye whiskey is the classic American grain spirit. Hugely popular, especially in the Northeast, it was killed by Prohibition. This spirit is now back and at Delaware Phoenix I produce this whiskey based on early 19th century methods. The grain bill is 100% rye, using 10% malted rye and 90% rye grain. Aged in 25 gallon new charred oak barrels for under 12 months (usually about 8) each barrel is a unique expression combining grain, distillation, oak and storage environment for a rich, deep flavor as bold as the early settlers of Walton!

There is always a limited availability of this whiskey given the great attention to detail and laborious production methods. There may be only one or two of the 25 gallon barrels produced a year. So only 200 to 400 bottles. So when you see one, you may want to acquire it then rather than waiting until later. You may come back and find out it's gone.

The last of the rye whiskey was released to select retailers in early November 2017. Sorry no more after that.