Blues Cat absinthe superieure, 68% alc./vol. (136 proof) 750 ml

Delaware Phoenix Blues Cat

Grain neutral spirits distilled with herbs and colored with herbs.

Blues Cat began as a collaborative absinthe in September 2011 with a group of friends. Originally released as a one-time-only limited edition absinthe in February 2012, I decided to make another batch on my own in May 2012. That version was released February 2014.

This year I decided again to keep making the absinthe as I liked the results, and how it differed from my other offerings. This absinthe has a powerful louche of rolling, milky cloud banks, and it coats the tongue with flavor. Made with herbs sourced to my specifications or grown for me. This was the 2015 edition. I have been unable to obtain certain of the herbs in the quality I need used in this absinthe. So we have had to grow them ourselves. This takes time. Perhaps Blues Cat will rise again. Someday. Do not hold your breath as I've always hated your look when you turn blue.

  • Grand wormwood (from NY)
  • Anise (from Turkey)
  • Fennel (from Italy)
  • Roman wormwood (from NY)
  • Hyssop (from NY)
  • Lemon balm (from NY)
  • and other herbs

Know that in Blues Cat there are no flavoring additives from the chemical industry. There are no artificial colors. The color is completely natural and no chemical stabilizers used. So the color may well change from green to what the French call "feuille mort" or "dead leaf", a golden amber. This is the sign of a naturally colored spirit, and it shows it has received some age.

With Blues Cat you may find that it is quite sweet enough for your taste and you may not want to add sugar. But if you decide to do so, you may not want to use a whole sugar cube. You'll have to experiment with things to fit your taste and palate.

But please do not light any sugar cubes on fire! It is so wrong to do. It is not historically accurate and it does not improve the drink.

Label designed by artist Sally Blakemore, Santa Fe, NM.