Delaware Phoenix absinthes, 68% alc./vol. (136 proof)

What is Absinthe (superieure)?

It is a traditional anise spirit originating from Switzerland and France in the late 18th century, made with anise, grand wormwood, hyssop, lemon balm, and other herbs. Back then, people thought of it as medicinal. Later, in the 1840s it became popular with the French soldiers that had returned from the colonial wars in North Africa. By the 1860s, with the industrial revolution it had become widely available, cheap, of varying quality, and hugely popular amongst all walks of life. It remained popular until the beginning of World War I when it was banned in France.

"All the troops want to do is drink absinthe in the trenches."

Thus ended the reign of absinthe.


What Absinthe (superieure) does Delaware Phoenix produce?

Delaware Phoenix makes three different varieties of absinthe, all made with the finest hand-crafted herbs and the distillers' skill. Choose one of the above pictures to explore further the world of spirits that are made by artisans.

Absinthe is an anise-based spirit distilled with anise, grand wormwood, and other traditional herbs to provide a unique flavor that is this spirits' character.

Absinthe will NOT get you high, you will NOT hallucinate, nor will you go mad. Thujone has no impact on the taste of the spirit or any "effect" because it is present in miniscule quantities. This was true even in historic absinthes of the pre-Ban era. These are all myths used by people interested in taking your money.

There is no reason to set any sugar cubes on fire. If you used sugar in an old-fashioned, would you set it on fire?