About Me?

me mestill

I must admit, I always find it difficult to write about myself. I don't consider myself special, or terribly important. Nevertheless, I am Delaware Phoenix.

So I hope it doesn't disturb you that the Delaware Phoenix whiskey and absinthe that you drink (or are considering purchasing) is made by a girl. And an old one at that. I only make this point because there are many people out there promoting a certain style or view that men are the only distillers out there and the more facial hair they have the better they are at (or could be) distilling. So enough with the stereotypes.

I do the mashing, set the fermenters, run off the low wines, distill the whiskey, haul it to the barrels, fill 'em, and decide then they're ready. Then I bottle them, and am the one who delivers the product to the store.

I hope you enjoy the spirits I make. And thanks for your continued support.